Our shipping agency service covers all cargo requirements and documentation, inward and outward clearance, preparation of daily reports and SOF, ordering of pilot, tugs, stevedores and other services for and on behalf of our principals.

“Full agency service for all kinds of vessels, from container ships, break bulk carriers, to bulk carriers including the Panamax”

Our dedicated operation team is on 24/7 duty and always ready for the full disposal of our principals to ensure fast and efficient vessel turnaround at our port. Our in-depth local expertise coupled with excellent relationship with the port authorities and cargo interests would have ensured smooth and timely berthing, and quick despatch of vessel.

Due to the different needs arising from the changing market conditions, we see the importance of keeping our principals promptly informed of the vessel’s status prior to and during the port call until the vessel sails from our port.

Trusted Local Partner

Backed by extensive experience accumulated over the decades, we have deep knowledge of cargo operation and are capable of giving our best and practical advices according to the local port conditions and actual situation.

Under our agency, we have handled vessels who carried bulk cargoes like maize, soybean meal, metallurgical coke, coal, iron ore, pig iron, scrap iron, salt, and many more. Vessels carrying unitized cargoes such as medium density fibreboard, plywood, project cargoes, and etc. are frequently handled by us as well.

We always practice full transparency with a focus on absolute governance and compliance. Through solid credibility and longstanding reputation, we are widely recognised by all parties as the leading provider of shipping agency service of high ethical standards, reliability and quality in the regions where we operate. 

We take utmost care of every vessel under our agency locally, just like the way her owners would have taken care of her at home.

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“Full agency service provided for and on behalf of the charterers, to ensure quick despatch of vessels and that charterers’ interests are also being taken care of”

Similar nature to the full shipping agency service provided for and on behalf of the charterers - but the disbursement account shall remain under the responsibility of the appointing party. This service also covers all cargo requirements and documentation, inward and outward clearance, preparation of daily reports and SOF, ordering of pilot, tugs, stevedores and other services for and on behalf of our principals.

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Being the eyes and ears for the shipowners, whose interests are well taken care of through the following services..

  • Check and validate PDA, and to suggest better alternatives if any to minimise unnecessary expenses
  • Advise relevant port information including restrictions, vessel line-up, berth availability and daily performance of cargo operation
  • Advise on cargo release procedures
  • Monitor cargo readiness and status for cargo release according to B/L or LOI
  • Check and validate SOF to ensure the real facts would have been recorded

“A service of representing Shipowners in supervising the counterparty’s agent to ensure Shipowners’ best interest at local port”

Being active in the market, we know very well the state and federal regulations, as well as port information, restrictions and many other information of privy to the locals like us.

We consistently monitor and supervise the counterparty’s agents throughout the port call, to safeguard shipowners’ best interest and help avoiding any conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in a port call.

We are at the full disposal of the shipowners during the cargo operations, and in case of the happening of any dispute or incidents or upon request by shipowners, we would assist and intervene promptly to resolve the issues within the shortest time on behalf of the shipowners.

We also seek ways to improve the voyage results of the vessel by overseeing the loading and discharging performance on regular basis, and intervene accordingly if there is any alternative of improving the performance.

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“Regular offering of ocean transportation services within Malaysia and to Middle East under several reputable liners for breakbulk, bulk and containerised cargoes”

We represent numerous principals consisting of Main Line Operators and Non Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC).

Our liner services ply mainly between the East and West Malaysia carrying both containers of sugars, motor vehicles, cables, food stuffs, perishable goods, building materials, and etc. and breakbulk cargoes such as steel bars, wire rods, jumbo bags, pipes, steel coils, machineries, project cargoes, and many more.

Beyond local… We do offer breakbulk shipment service under our reliable principal from Malaysia to Indonesia and the Middle East.

Customer service is at the heart of our business. Our commercially minded sales team endeavours to understand your exact requirements and work with you to develop a viable and economical door-to-door transport arrangement. We partner with customs agents, truckers, stevedores and warehouse operators to build a total logistics solutions catering your needs.

We pride ourselves on our credibility, responsiveness, transparency, with a focus on clear and genuine answers to your questions. Our commitment to service is evidenced by our long standing business relationship with many of counter parties and customers for decades.

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We provide “General sea freight including door services from Malaysia to any destination in the world” for both breakbulk and containerised cargoes (FCL & LCL) including an extensive range of complementary services like…

  • Warehousing
  • Customs formalities
  • Documentation preparation
  • Cargo marine insurance

We are well connected with a wide range of reliable carriers whom we utilise to provide the most reliable routing and weekly sailing. You are given the flexibility to evaluate an optimum balance between the transit time, service, and cost, as well as the dependability that you need for your cargo.

Our long standing relationship with multiple overseas agents allow us to cater for various types of containers, and to secure space allocation and ensure loading priority required by you.

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We go beyond the standard ship agency services with…

“An extensive range of complementary services – crew change, CTM, ship spares clearance and delivery, ship stores and fresh water provision, and many more”

Crew Change… We are able to offer not only attractive handling fee for a smooth crew change procedure, but also best savings at hotel bookings, transportation, shore passes, launch hire services if required.

CTM… We assure any payments to your Master and crews are handled professionally with the aid of security services wherever necessary. With us, your funds are always safe.

Ship Spares Clearance & Delivery… We assist to coordinate for the customs clearance and delivery of ship spares to the vessels via bonded trucks at substantially lower cost compared to using courier companies. Our experienced agents are well versed in any customs matters to ensure your spares are delivered to the vessel safely.

Ship Stores and Fresh Water Provision… Ship stores and clean fresh water can be supplied to the vessel either at berth or at anchorage according to your request.

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We support our principals by way of “Active canvassing of cargo leads and securing bookings, which may include the full agency service for the agency vessels”

Through our established network with shippers and consignees, we are able to do vigorous canvassing and marketing to generate business for our principals. We do coordinate loading and unloading operation for our agency vessels while in port, and delivering our total support at every stage to our principals.

Our teams of documentation, operation and accounting, all function seamlessly to provide up to date information on shipping and cargo movements. Our people are highly experienced and qualified in catering the needs of our principals.

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“Competitive chartering of ships at customer’s convenience according to the shipment requirements and demand schedule”

We charter ships to meet your shipping demand in particular events that your goods are bought at FOB or sold at CFR. Through chartering with us, we will be your shipping department, handling your shipment requirements and helping you to achieve maximum adaptability while ensuring your interests are protected accordingly.

You will have your greatest convenience when ships are chartered according to your cargo requirements or demand schedule.

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Our Recognition

In 2013, we were honoured to be awarded the “Top 5 Shipping Agents by Non-Containerised Volume” by Penang Port Sdn Bhd.

We have been maintaining our position as the top shipping agent in such category ever since.

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