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Back in 1971, our company was formed to undertake the agency matters of a few passenger and cargo ships at Penang engaged in ferry services that carried passengers and produces to and fro Belawan. Being a minor shipping agency without solid financials at that time, our company faced tremendous hardships to grow whilst striving to survive amongst the larger agencies.

In 1978, the rapid development of domestic trade between East and West Malaysia opened up a fresh opportunity for us to provide regular liner services with conventional vessels plying along this route.

The journey was full of obstacles that in the earlier years, the shipping industry was unfortunate to have been hit hardly by several financial crises which had initiated market cleansing and caused many agencies to drop out of the market. Thanks to the prudent credit control management, our company on the other hand gained stronger foothold in the market and gradually built its endurance and vitality.

Our company grasped by a strong-minded leadership had braved the challenges and overcome countless hurdles before gaining our current position in the market. Through the journey, it garnered trusts from shipowners, as well as many major local exporters and importers for handling their shipments. Since then our company has been upholding great reputation and credibility in the region that last for decades.

Over the years, our company has quickly become an integral player in the Malaysia’s domestic intra port trade. Aside from providing regular liner services for both conventional and containerised cargoes plying primarily between every port in East and West Malaysia, our company also offers freight forwarding services through international main liners, linking Malaysian exporters and importers with the rest of the world. We have accumulated extensive experience in satisfying the transportation needs of our industrial customers.

Being one of the nation’s leading licensed shipping agencies, our company is proficient in the services of shipping agencies, ship husbandry, cargo brokering and also vessel and barge chartering. We have vast experience in handling all bulk commodities for major international exporters and importers including iron ore, coal, grains, scrap, fertilizer, salt, various kinds of steel and forest products and many more, as well as unitized cargo such as project cargoes and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF).

With almost 50 years of experience in various professional and high quality marine transportation services, we are glad to provide our customers the best advice and consultancy in comprehensive shipping solutions based their respective needs and requirements. Our exceptional customer care always ensures customers’ priorities and satisfactions come first, and we strive to serve every customer better in every dealings!


To provide high quality shipping services to our customers that maximizes their logistical efficiency and minimizes cost incurred.


To be the preferred shipping partner in the region.


We create value by providing superior services beyond a customer’s expectation and unrivalled by others.

We maintain good working relationship with our customers, principals and authorities to attain seamless and mutually beneficial coordination in every dealing.

Our experienced and high spirited team ensure that every business conduct is executed professionally and with due regard for all laws, rules, regulations and moral principles.

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